Reblogged: 7 Things to Consider While Buying Home First Time

Homebuyers going to buy their very first home can find this major stress simply because of the novelty and the complication of the home buying process but keeping these handy tips in mind will help you know what you need in order to make right financial decision.

1. Outer Appearance: Make sure the house is not painted in flat paint. If you try to clean the walls the paint will smear in ugly patches. Don’t even try magic erasers

2. Furniture & Fixtures: When looking at new home pay attention to the door knobs. These (and other things like it) will tell you about the quality that’s been invested into the house. A house-flipper is not interested in quality. They’re interested in the appearance of quality.

3. Functional Plumbing: Check carefully all of the faucets and drains. As a cash home buyer in Arizona, I bought a house, the prior owner who got foreclosed on had poured quick-set cement into the drains. The house had a slab foundation, I had to pay for all new plumbing and it as quite expensive.

Check everything and check it with an independent inspector you’ve hired (If any).

4. Mechanical System: Furnace, AC, roofs, windows and sliding last a long time but are expensive to replace. If any of these are older than 15 years old make sure you have enough savings to cover them for when they fail.

5.Contamination: Water is your enemy. Leaky roofs, plumbing and windows may need to be repaired immediately. The problem becomes more expensive every day you delay.

The general rule of thumb regarding home care is that you’ll spend about 2% of the value of the house every year in maintenance, so if you have a $500k house budget about $10k/yr in quick fixes & repair. This amount can be saved if you’re handy and can do some work by your own or with the help of friends.

Don’t buy any tools unless you have a project that requires them, otherwise you’ll end up sitting on a bunch of stuff you don’t have a use for.

6. Electrical Integrity of the House: The electrical safety of your house is the most important thing you should consider once you’ve found the house you want. Think about what 90% of house fires stem from. How old is the breaker panel and the wiring,also, is it a grounded house?

7. Last But Not Least: Talk to the neighbors. They might have some dirt on the house you are about to (flood damage, involvement in illegal activities, etc). You might also find out if there are people adjacent that you really don’t want to live next to.

Try to avoid homes located on busy streets, or near rental property. Have a professional inspection done as part of your offer to purchase. Do not buy a home on a corner lot because of less privacy, more traffic, more berm to mow and more sidewalk to shovel in the winter.

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