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Sell Your Phoenix House For CASH Without Realtor

To effectively sell your property on your own, you have to market it well.

Putting up fliers and signs around your neighborhood can generate some calls, and there’s a lot of free websites where you can post information. But often just putting up flyers and an open house isn’t enough if your house doesn’t appeal to the average Phoenix home buyers.
Some of the reasons you think you don’t need a realtor would be:
  • Houses in your price range in your neighborhood generally sell pretty fast as most buyers are first time owners and would love to get into your neighborhood. Of course, it needs to be priced right and you are pretty confident You have as good a pulse on our neighborhood as anyone else.
  • You know how to stage a home. Having looked at hundreds of houses online over the past few months, you have a pretty good idea of what you would do to stage it right. You plan on getting a storage unit, moving out everything non-essential (tough with 2 kids < 3) and then when there’s a showing, moving all the other stuff into the garage to make the house look as staged as possible at all times.
  • You can take pretty good photos. You do not need to be a professional photographer but You should have a DSLR that you are pretty good with. And having seen all the houses recently online, You can probably take better photos than 80% of listings.
  • You are fine with paying a buyer’s agent their full commission.
  •  You need to make a punch list of cosmetic items you are going to take care of before listing the property.

If you want to avoid paying any commissions, you can also sell your Phoenix house to investors like us for CASH

We fair prices for properties – and we can close fast (in as little as 3-5 days if you need to).
Sometimes we’ll purchase Phoenix houses, fix them up, then rent them out… sometimes we’ll fix them up and sell them to other people looking for great homes in the area, and a lot of other reasons, too – but we love to hear from people like you who are thinking of selling anywhere in .
We’re investors who care a lot about Phoenix.

We close fast and pay cash in as little as just 3-5 days. Give us a call now at

(602) 696-4570

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How to Find a Mortgage Banker or Lender in Phoenix

After you found the home you like, and done with other essential things before buying a home, the next step is to choose a mortgage lender. Shopping for a mortgage involves more than just looking for a good interest rate; you want to work with only the best local mortgage lenders, top professionals who will explain the ins and outs of the process.


The internet is a good place to start finding the best mortgage loan resource. By doing a broad online search for mortgage rates in Phoenix area, you will get a good sense of the market. I highly recommend emailing a bunch of different local lenders and mortgage brokers around you asking for rates, fees, etc. There is no reason to be loyal to your bank, or a local credit union or any other mortgage lender. As long as you don’t default, all lenders are essentially the same. Treat getting a loan like a business transaction and demand lenders to compete for your business.

Get bids, get them to send you a good faith quotes, which they should give you for free. Then send the GFE to other lenders. Read reviews of lenders online. Get the one with the lowest rate.

A local mortgage lender is good choice because of the generally better service you can expect, but there are good brokers out there with the big banks as well. And they sometimes have access to rates the smaller guys don’t, so the another best option is to shop around and meet face-to-face with a few different local mortgage brokers. Find one that you’re comfortable with and get referrals from others to find out how attentive they are throughout the process. Don’t worry so much about which bank they represent; weigh the costs with the expected service and make the choice that’s right for you.

Learn how new mortgage rules may help you when you shop for a mortgage.

Still want to know more ideas or couple of more suggestions about lenders around Phoenix? Call Scott Roes 602-696-4570 or visit website


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Which is Better For Selling Home: Cash Home Buying Companies or Real Estate Agents?

Selling home is a complicated and difficult process. Especially if you have never sold property before, you can be a bit confused about what to do next. Many questions can arise in your mind like how can I get the best price for my house? How can I sell my house and buy a new one at the same time? You will have to work wisely while selling your house. So, how can you sell your home?

Ways of selling house

There are many ways. You can sell your home by your efforts like repairing your home from the damaged areas, changing old furniture of your house with new one, keeping your house clean 24 hours and many other things. But if you practically think of doing all these things think of your condition. You will have to take holidays from your office to clean your house, do very much of laborious work and take care of people who come to watch your house for buying it. Therefore this idea of selling house is very much difficult. Taking help of agents is an easy way to sell home. But agents of which type: real estate agents or agents of cash home buying companies? The answer is simple cash home buying companies are best while selling home.

How cash home buying companies are better than real estate agents?

  • Cash payment- Cash for house buyer companies always have a lump sum amount of money ready with them. Therefore people do not need to get worried about not getting payments late. But in case of real estate agents you are not sure when will you receive your payment and by which mode: cash or check?


  • No commission or any other fees- If you dealt with any real estate agent in the past, you must know that how they place serious financial strain on sellers. But a cash home buying company not charges any type of fees or commission from you.

no commission

  • Completes work in time- While selling your home you must have established your ideal timeline. But while working with real estate agents you are not guaranteed that when your house will be sold. But cash home buyers buy your house in the limited time frame.
  • Buys your home in any place- You don’t need to worry if your area of living is not good or popular as cash home buying companies can buy your home in any area which you are living but real estate agents will not be able to buy or sold your house if area near about your house is not good.
  • Process is quick- Selling home to a cash home buying company is a quick process. You not have to keep take care of the maintenance of the house as cash home buying companies buy it as it is and wait for interested buyers.

Cash for house buyer companies

Cash home buying companies offer a great substitute to traditional means of selling your home through an estate agent. Don’t forget, agents are only excellent salespeople, who know how to impress or influence others. So, always contact Cash Home Buying Companies for your home to be sold.

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Sell Your Home Easily And Quickly With Quick Home Sale Companies

There are many different circumstances that could lead to you wishing to sell your house like your boss gave you transfer letter which means now you have to shift to another city or your family size has been increased or there is an increase of crime rate in your area or you have saved enough money for your dream house to be build. Now how to sell house in an easy and hassle free way. What are the ways?

What are quick home sale companies?image.axd

Quick house sale companies either buy your house or find you a third party buyer. They pay cash for your property. They guarantee to sell or buy your house in the limited period of time.

Advantages of Quick House Sale Companies

  • No more wait- Quick house sale companies are able to sell a home within a time frame that you desire. Therefore you not have to wait for when your house will be sold as they sell your home fast.need your home sold fast


  • Fast cash- As quickly as they buy or sell your house, they give you money on the spot. So, if you need money in emergency quick house sale companies are best for you.


  • NO more viewings of your house – Now you don’t have to call people for viewing your house and you don’t have to hang ‘FOR SALE’ sign in your yard as you just have to call quick sale company agent and they will buy or sell your house quickly.


  • Sell your home as it is- Now you not have to spend more money to make your home look attractive for sale as quick home sale companies buy your home as it is.


  • Save your money- You don’t need to consult with any property advisor and pay to him sky high commissions as there is very less or no fees of quick house sale company agent.


  • Cooperates with you- Quick home sale companies will help you if you want a confidential transaction not published in MLS (Multiple listing service).

                               Selling house is not an easy task. You have to get in contact with a number of real estate agents ( RJ Palano), choose the right from them, give them fees and then wait when your house will be sold but with quick house companies it’s easy as they guarantees.

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Essential Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home

If you are preparing to put your home up for sale, one of the things you absolutely need to do is to stage your home. Don’t think that a gorgeous floor plan and a desirable neighborhood are enough to sell your home. You need to stage your home as well. It doesn’t matter how amazing your home is, if someone walks through your house and it feels cluttered or cramped because of a lack of staging, they may walk right on out without even considering your house as a possible purchase

The following some  essential staging tips that will help you to sell your home:

Clean The House – Nothing is going to turn a potential buyer off than having to walk through a dirty house. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come do a deep clean of your home. You should pay careful attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, your home’s flooring (especially carpeting) and the windows. Clean windows will help make the view more appealing and will bring in more natural light as well.

Cleaned home

Invest In Affordable Upgrades – You don’t have to remodel entire rooms in order to stage your home, but you may want to consider some touch ups here and there. For example, upgrading your kitchen cabinet hardware can have a huge visual impact. You may also want to add new coats of paint to your walls, especially if you painted them in bolder colors. Neutral colors are more attractive to potential buyers.

Kitchen remodelling

Get Rid Of The Clutter – Don’t just shove everything into your closet — potential buyers are going to be looking through your storage spaces, and they won’t be impressed if it’s overflowing with junk. Clutter makes a home feel dirty and cramped, so if your home is feeling cluttered, consider packing some of your belongings up and storing it in a personal storage space for the time being. You may even want to consider removing some of your furniture in order to improve the flow of a room.

declutter home

Remove Personal Items – Go through your home and take down any family photographs or any drawings that your kids made. One of the reasons that you are staging your home is that you want potential buyers to be able to walk through the house and imagine it as being there’s. It’s why you don’t want your house to be empty, since this makes it difficult for potential buyers to envision how the space would look furnished. By leaving up personal items, you’re making it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves living there since they will feel like they are walking through someone else’s home.


Improve The Lighting – Replace all of your old light bulbs with new, LED light bulbs if possible. These provide higher quality light. If you don’t feel like you need to replace your bulbs, at least make sure that they are clean as dirty bulbs give off less light. When a potential buyer walks through your home, you’ll want to make sure it’s well lit. A dark, poorly lit home is going to feel smaller than it is as well as less cheerful. You may want to invest in a few extra light fixtures in order to add lighting to rooms that seem a bit dark. Even a table lamp can help brighten up a dark corner. Don’t forget to go through your home before a buyer shows up in order to open up all your blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible.


Professionals Help:-

Price is always going to be the factor in how fast your house sells. You have to strike a balance between your need to get the house sold in X amount of days vs. what you realistically expect to get out of it. Hire a good realtor to market the heck out of your home and help you set a correct price. Hire a Professional photographer. The largest disparity was seen among homes priced from $400,000 and $499,999, with those with DSLR photography selling 64% of the time, compared to 46% for homes with amateur photos.

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Top 13 Things to Consider While Buying Home First Time

It might be worth buying a home because its a buyers market in Phoenix and what you’re paying in rent you could actually save money paying a mortgage and build equity. Consider these 13 things before buying a home as first-time home buyer

home inspection by RJ Palano

  1. Go to a bank and get pre-approved so you know what market to look in. Dont find the perfect house only to realize its outside your budget.
  2. I know its already been said but the absolute most important thing you can do when buying a home is get a home inspection. If you get one and he didnt seem thorough, get a different one. It may seem redundant and throwing money away but its like a fart in a whirlwind compared to a major problem. Get a good home inspection.
  3. Don’t be afraid to haggle at the bank about interest rates or compare offers from another bank, particularly if you have good credit.
  4. There is no way to know how far under list price to go. Look for similar sales in the neighborhood and see what they are going for, then shoot around there. The worst they can do is say no. They dont break your knees because you sent an offer that insulted them.
  5. Dont buy more house than you can afford. You can always pay down a mortgage faster and sale your home that is now too small down the line. Do NOT buy a home at the top-end that you can afford. Just dont. Dont even think about it. If youre pre-approved for 250k…then look around 175-180 for example. Be conservative!
  6. Be realistic about fixer-uppers. Everyone thinks they are fixer-uppers until they have to start fixing-up. Its not super magic fun time like it appears to be on the home improvement commercials and channels. Home improvement is hell and not only can it ruin your finances it can ruin your entire marriage and life. Thats a little hyperbolic but that not much! Be realistic here and then be a tad more conservative just to be safe.
  7. Dont assume the mortgage payment is the only money you have to spend to maintain your house. It will need upkeep and that costs money. Figure, AT LEAST, about two payments a year for routine maintenance. Thats just ballpark and your mileage will vary but you should plan for unexpected expenses you would have never thought of having never owned a home.rj palano realestate tips
  8. Lawns are more expensive than you think. While this is true of everything lawn care can add up fast. Whether you are paying people to do it or doing it yourself. Everyone wants a massive back yard to run fifty dogs, some cows, and half the school through but then no one wants the shed full of lawn mowers and things necessary to maintain it. Lawns are also an investment in time. Some people enjoy this, some people have to pay other people to enjoy it for them. Decide which one you are and then budget because your lawn is your service to your whole community.
  9. Pools are basically a pit in your yard that you pour money and water in.
  10. Be frank and honest with your realtor about what you like and do not like about some the houses. Do not walk into the first house and make an offer. Look at more houses.
  11. Dont decide to buy or not buy based on cosmetic things. Most mortgages are 30 years. Don’t rule a house out because some second-hand couch you happen to own right now wont look good in the living room. That’s just an example…but think long term about what your needs are and how the house is going to fit into that. Buying is NOT like leasing. You cant just wait it out until the lease is up in 6 months and skip along on your merry way none the wiser. Be mindful of that.
  12. If you still want to buy, please Get a home inspection and find an excellent inspector. Do not use the realtor’s – I speak from experience. Check everything to know what you are getting. Make sure that you position your budget to have cash on hand for your next property, cover costs on this one, and enter into the process as if this is a business deal. It is! No emotion. Always be positioned to walk away.
  13. Closing will be stressful. It always is. That’s just how it is.

Anyways, good luck. Owning your own house castle is very rewarding.




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