“Haboob” First Dust Storm 2015, Hits Phoenix Area

The term “Haboob” (Arabic: هَبوب‎ habūb “blasting/drafting”),  is exclusively used by Sudanese people. Hobab is a Sudanese local dialect, other Arab countries use the word (Al Riah). Habob is a violent dust storm, can occur in central Sudan when the moist southwesterly flow first arrives (May through July). The moist, unstable air forms thunderstorms in the heat of the afternoon. The initial downflow of air from an approaching storm produces a huge yellow wall of sand and clay that can temporarily reduce visibility to zero. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world.

First Storm Phoenix

I remember how all the birds and little animals would flee that massive wall of dust and you could look almost straight up it as it overwhelmed your house. Daylight turned to sepialight and everything became a little ethereal. If you went outside during them, you’d need a mask and some form of eye protection. Definitely keep a dust mask and eye protection for walking. Make sure that sunglasses wrap all the way around, or pickup a pair of ski goggles if you need something to fit over glasses.

Breathing in the dust can lead to respiratory issues or Valley Fever. Best to take some precautions if you have a chance of being out in it.

The aftermath sucked, though. I hated cleaning the pool after one of those and if I didn’t put a bunch of shock in there right away, it would turn green overnight.

And god forbid you parked your car in the driveway that day.




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Buy House in Phoenix


As you will see below, in Maricopa County 2655 home owners took their homes off the market in April 2014 because nobody wanted to buy there home. This statistic is near and dear to our us. Simply because “We Buy Homes”, “We Buy Scottsdale and Phoenix Homes Cash in 10 days”.

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Expired & Cancelled Listing Analysis:

Sellers need to pay close attention to this number.  April saw another dramatic increase in the number of homes that DID NOT sell while they were on the market.  2,655 homes left the market without selling.  This is the highest number we have seen in one month since June of 2011.  The higher number of expired listings, the fewer sellers experienced success in selling their homes.  This number shows how many sellers “gave up” on offering their homes for sale to potential buyers.  Sellers should remain very focused on monitoring their local market to ensure that they are pricing homes competitively and offering terms that are appealing to buyers.


For buyers, be aware that there are 2,655 fewer homes available for consideration.  At a time when buyers are still actively looking for homes to purchase, this statistic reveals the number of sellers that have not had success in finding a buyer.  Continue to watch this trend, along with price, days on market, and list to sales price ratio as important indicators of what buyers need to do in order to be successful in closing on the home of their dreams. Read More

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