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As you will see below, in Maricopa County 2655 home owners took their homes off the market in April 2014 because nobody wanted to buy there home. This statistic is near and dear to our us. Simply because “We Buy Homes”, “We Buy Scottsdale and Phoenix Homes Cash in 10 days”.

As always be sure to contact us if you have any questions about this report or about how the market is performing.  If you are asking yourself “how to sell my Scottsdale or Phoenix home” or “What is my Phoenix or Scottsdale home worth” or ” who buys Scottsdale or Phoenix homes fast with cash ” please call us at 602.696.4570″.

Expired & Cancelled Listing Analysis:

Sellers need to pay close attention to this number.  April saw another dramatic increase in the number of homes that DID NOT sell while they were on the market.  2,655 homes left the market without selling.  This is the highest number we have seen in one month since June of 2011.  The higher number of expired listings, the fewer sellers experienced success in selling their homes.  This number shows how many sellers “gave up” on offering their homes for sale to potential buyers.  Sellers should remain very focused on monitoring their local market to ensure that they are pricing homes competitively and offering terms that are appealing to buyers.


For buyers, be aware that there are 2,655 fewer homes available for consideration.  At a time when buyers are still actively looking for homes to purchase, this statistic reveals the number of sellers that have not had success in finding a buyer.  Continue to watch this trend, along with price, days on market, and list to sales price ratio as important indicators of what buyers need to do in order to be successful in closing on the home of their dreams. Read More

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April Market Report – Maricopa County


Here are your real estate statistics for last month.  As always be sure to contact us. If you have any questions about this report or about how the market is performing.  If you are asking yourself “how to sell my Scottsdale or Phoenix home” or “What is my Phoenix or Scottsdale home worth” or ” who buys Scottsdale or Phoenix homes fast with cash ” please call us at 602.696.4570″.  This report includes MLS data for the past 36 months for Maricopa County only as provided by the FlexMLS system.  Please note that MLS search results fluctuate as data is added to the system and the figures below were obtained on 5/2/2014.

Closed Sales Report Analysis

The month of April saw a 14.8 percent increase in the number of closed sales compared to the prior month.  This is somewhat normal for this time of the year.  The statistics show that we had 6,849 residential homes sell in April in Maricopa County compared to 5,966 in the month of March.  Although this is good news, sellers need to continue to be diligent in pricing and staging their homes, as we are no longer in a seller’s market.  The traditional/balance market means a level playing field for both buyers AND sellers.

For buyers, this is great news.  It means that buyers are very busy taking advantage of this amazing market due to low interest rates, increased inventory, and more traditional sales from which to choose.  The traditional market that we are in now means that there is balance from both the buyer and seller side.For more information you can visit here


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Paradise Valley Housing Market Update

April saw 68 homes enter the market which is down from the prior month number of 80 bringing the total inventory of homes for sale to 430. Home sales (46) were up from the prior month (37).

In the $1 – $2 million sector there are currently 155 homes on the market. Sales (17) were same as the prior month number of 17. Home sales over $2 million were up from 10 homes to 13 homes and inventory remained pretty much the same.The current average sale price is $340/foot and annual appreciation is 10.2 % this month versus the same month prior year. is a cash home buyer in Paradise Valley. We have a fast easy and free solution to selling your Paradise Valley, Phoenix or Scottsdale home. If you are considering selling your Paradise Valley, Phoenix or Scottsdale home please call us first. We buy homes in any condition and will buy your home as-is. Do not pay high real estate commissions call us today. Read more

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What is my home worth?

As a dedicated cash home buyer in Arizona, I find many homeowners want someone to estimate the homes value and a sales price of their home, so they can determine if they owe less than the potential sales price or equity. So in my 1st post I am going to share my ideas to get an estimate of your home realistic selling price.

home worth analysis

Here are a few handy tips to get known to your home’s worth.

  1. If you look on home value of real estate websites like Trulia or Zillow. Their values are to be only used as a guideline and never think that’s the end all price of a home. They’re just automated methods for calculating value. They take nothing into account except what can be seen in the public records. These websites usually takes that price, considering at the square footage as listed in the assessor’s database, and does some magic math to come up with a value. These websites having no idea of other noticeable conditions of home such as, renovations, location of the home within a zip code, School district etc.

2.  Find online a local real estate agent/appraiser to tell you what they would list the house for sale at in today’s market.  In fact, ask 4-5 different agents to get a general consensus. There may be a lot of fees involved in selling a house, including agent commissions and points. Ask the realtors to give you guesstimate of what closing costs would be. This will help you figure out if you would come out ahead on a sale.

3. Some people like to go FSBO (for sale by owner) route to avoid money on realtor fee or hefty commissions on transaction. If you are in a super-hot market this method can be a wise financial decision, but you will definitely want to retain the services of an attorney to handle the paperwork. Otherwise, you can find it very stressful and may be better off having an agent handle the sale because they will be able to get more exposure for the property and generally can make a transaction close much faster and smoother. Discover the pros and cons of selling it yourself.

4. Do not sign a listing agreement at the time before they do the (CMA) comparative market analysis. Thank them, tell them you will consider after you’ve reached a decision.

5. The most effective way to get estimate for actual worth of your home to go with Cash home buyers Or We buy Houses Companies in your local area. Cash home buyers are investors who are ready to pay cash fast considering other things impacting the value of your home. Comparing the price per square foot may be a good place to start, but there are many other factors buyers consider, such as layout, condition, roofing, improvements etc.

Home costs are determined by the marketplace, not by your emotional attachment or by what you are feeling your home is worth. You must work closely with a Cash home buyers who will recommend establishing a realistic price for your home. They will assist you to objectively compare the worth, features and condition of all similar homes in both your neighborhood and other similar ones which have sold out in recent months. Additionally it is necessary to be familiar with the terms of each potential sale. Terms are often as important as value in today’s market.

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