How Companies That “Buy Houses For Cash” Can Help Homeowners to Sell Home Fast ?

We Buy Houses For Cash“- these are companies that have the funds necessary to purchase your home quickly in the conditions that you need to sell home fast in order to avoid foreclosure or get money quickly for some other reasons.

You should use companies that “Buy Houses For Cash” when you absolutely have to get rid of your old or damaged home now. If you do not have the time and money to fix it up and resell it using a realtor, you must go with these companies.

damaged homes for saleThe cash home buying companies  will buy your home whether it is practically new or badly damaged. This benefits homeowners that need to sell houses now because they don’t have to spend the time or money to fix their home before they sell it.

I actually work for one of these companies and feel like I could give an insight to how this home buying industry is today.

Here are some statistics of our research against Estate Agents:

Sale Period – Cash buying companies 7 – 28 Days. Real Estate agents 6 – 9 Months (Obviously these can vary – but cash buying companies complete in under a month).

Commission or Realtor Fees – Cash buying companies always take less in terms of fees when selling your house. You must take into account that even though Estate Agents can offer you a higher selling price, there will be a lot of hidden fees that don’t appear until you agree to sell.

Solicitor Fees – Cash buying companies do not charge solicitor fees and will pay these for you, MANY Estate Agents do not.


In the end it all boils down to whether you want to achieve a quick sale in under a month or take a risk and have your property sitting on the market for months hoping you make a few extra thousand.

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Home Presentation – How it Helps Your Home Sell Fast?

You are all set to buy that perfect dress for yourself and you step out to your favorite mall. But which one do you pick. Obviously your first thoughts go to the dress on the show window which is so exquisitely presented in the most prim and proper manner. Well Sale of any store depends mainly on the presentation and how its clothes are presented. In fact the same goes for any kind of sale and presentation is all that matters. This holds truer when it comes to showcasing your house to prospective buyers.

Your presentation has to be just perfect. Here are a few simple points that one should keep in mind while presenting your house.

home garden presentationAs you get to know that somebody is planning to come and visit your house you should first and foremost keep your garden in the best manner. The grass should be well cut and the walkway should be well kept and clean. Little trimness in the garden should be maintained so that the perspective buyer is lured with a positive mind to have a look inside. This keeps the chances of the house higher for selling.


home copy

Now coming to the interiors of the house first and foremost keep it spic and span. This you can very easily do by keeping the things in the rooms at the proper place. For instance never leave the kitchen plates anywhere in the house, this can be a big turnoff to the house visitors.



House Presentation Nitty Gritties

Clean YOur HomeKeeping the house clean are the best and the most important thing when you are show casing your house. It is the most professional thing to do. To begin with you can do a little laundry of the upholstery just to make the sparkling touch.

By doing so, first and foremost it gives a good impression of not just the house but of the house owners as well.

This gives the prospective house owner the feel that house owners are right kind of people and doing the deal with them would not be a wrong preposition.

A cordial behavior while showing the house could further add to it. Added to this a nice room diffuser in the house could enhance the charm of the house.

plumbing work while home presentationThere can be many bigger things too that you can do in your house. Like getting some plumbing work done to avoid any embarrassing leakage and seepage. Some carpentry work to make your wood work just look awesome.


And to add icing on the cake if the budget permits you one could get a white wash done on your house. The ways and means could be many to make that impression; it all depends on your post sales investment and most importantly the right attitude and approach


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