Which is Better For Selling Home: Cash Home Buying Companies or Real Estate Agents?

Selling home is a complicated and difficult process. Especially if you have never sold property before, you can be a bit confused about what to do next. Many questions can arise in your mind like how can I get the best price for my house? How can I sell my house and buy a new one at the same time? You will have to work wisely while selling your house. So, how can you sell your home?

Ways of selling house

There are many ways. You can sell your home by your efforts like repairing your home from the damaged areas, changing old furniture of your house with new one, keeping your house clean 24 hours and many other things. But if you practically think of doing all these things think of your condition. You will have to take holidays from your office to clean your house, do very much of laborious work and take care of people who come to watch your house for buying it. Therefore this idea of selling house is very much difficult. Taking help of agents is an easy way to sell home. But agents of which type: real estate agents or agents of cash home buying companies? The answer is simple cash home buying companies are best while selling home.

How cash home buying companies are better than real estate agents?

  • Cash payment- Cash for house buyer companies always have a lump sum amount of money ready with them. Therefore people do not need to get worried about not getting payments late. But in case of real estate agents you are not sure when will you receive your payment and by which mode: cash or check?


  • No commission or any other fees- If you dealt with any real estate agent in the past, you must know that how they place serious financial strain on sellers. But a cash home buying company not charges any type of fees or commission from you.

no commission

  • Completes work in time- While selling your home you must have established your ideal timeline. But while working with real estate agents you are not guaranteed that when your house will be sold. But cash home buyers buy your house in the limited time frame.
  • Buys your home in any place- You don’t need to worry if your area of living is not good or popular as cash home buying companies can buy your home in any area which you are living but real estate agents will not be able to buy or sold your house if area near about your house is not good.
  • Process is quick- Selling home to a cash home buying company is a quick process. You not have to keep take care of the maintenance of the house as cash home buying companies buy it as it is and wait for interested buyers.

Cash for house buyer companies

Cash home buying companies offer a great substitute to traditional means of selling your home through an estate agent. Don’t forget, agents are only excellent salespeople, who know how to impress or influence others. So, always contact Cash Home Buying Companies for your home to be sold.


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Sell Your Home Easily And Quickly With Quick Home Sale Companies

There are many different circumstances that could lead to you wishing to sell your house like your boss gave you transfer letter which means now you have to shift to another city or your family size has been increased or there is an increase of crime rate in your area or you have saved enough money for your dream house to be build. Now how to sell house in an easy and hassle free way. What are the ways?

What are quick home sale companies?image.axd

Quick house sale companies either buy your house or find you a third party buyer. They pay cash for your property. They guarantee to sell or buy your house in the limited period of time.

Advantages of Quick House Sale Companies

  • No more wait- Quick house sale companies are able to sell a home within a time frame that you desire. Therefore you not have to wait for when your house will be sold as they sell your home fast.need your home sold fast


  • Fast cash- As quickly as they buy or sell your house, they give you money on the spot. So, if you need money in emergency quick house sale companies are best for you.


  • NO more viewings of your house – Now you don’t have to call people for viewing your house and you don’t have to hang ‘FOR SALE’ sign in your yard as you just have to call quick sale company agent and they will buy or sell your house quickly.


  • Sell your home as it is- Now you not have to spend more money to make your home look attractive for sale as quick home sale companies buy your home as it is.


  • Save your money- You don’t need to consult with any property advisor and pay to him sky high commissions as there is very less or no fees of quick house sale company agent.


  • Cooperates with you- Quick home sale companies will help you if you want a confidential transaction not published in MLS (Multiple listing service).

                               Selling house is not an easy task. You have to get in contact with a number of real estate agents ( RJ Palano), choose the right from them, give them fees and then wait when your house will be sold but with quick house companies it’s easy as they guarantees.

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Essential Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home

If you are preparing to put your home up for sale, one of the things you absolutely need to do is to stage your home. Don’t think that a gorgeous floor plan and a desirable neighborhood are enough to sell your home. You need to stage your home as well. It doesn’t matter how amazing your home is, if someone walks through your house and it feels cluttered or cramped because of a lack of staging, they may walk right on out without even considering your house as a possible purchase

The following some  essential staging tips that will help you to sell your home:

Clean The House – Nothing is going to turn a potential buyer off than having to walk through a dirty house. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come do a deep clean of your home. You should pay careful attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, your home’s flooring (especially carpeting) and the windows. Clean windows will help make the view more appealing and will bring in more natural light as well.

Cleaned home

Invest In Affordable Upgrades – You don’t have to remodel entire rooms in order to stage your home, but you may want to consider some touch ups here and there. For example, upgrading your kitchen cabinet hardware can have a huge visual impact. You may also want to add new coats of paint to your walls, especially if you painted them in bolder colors. Neutral colors are more attractive to potential buyers.

Kitchen remodelling

Get Rid Of The Clutter – Don’t just shove everything into your closet — potential buyers are going to be looking through your storage spaces, and they won’t be impressed if it’s overflowing with junk. Clutter makes a home feel dirty and cramped, so if your home is feeling cluttered, consider packing some of your belongings up and storing it in a personal storage space for the time being. You may even want to consider removing some of your furniture in order to improve the flow of a room.

declutter home

Remove Personal Items – Go through your home and take down any family photographs or any drawings that your kids made. One of the reasons that you are staging your home is that you want potential buyers to be able to walk through the house and imagine it as being there’s. It’s why you don’t want your house to be empty, since this makes it difficult for potential buyers to envision how the space would look furnished. By leaving up personal items, you’re making it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves living there since they will feel like they are walking through someone else’s home.


Improve The Lighting – Replace all of your old light bulbs with new, LED light bulbs if possible. These provide higher quality light. If you don’t feel like you need to replace your bulbs, at least make sure that they are clean as dirty bulbs give off less light. When a potential buyer walks through your home, you’ll want to make sure it’s well lit. A dark, poorly lit home is going to feel smaller than it is as well as less cheerful. You may want to invest in a few extra light fixtures in order to add lighting to rooms that seem a bit dark. Even a table lamp can help brighten up a dark corner. Don’t forget to go through your home before a buyer shows up in order to open up all your blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible.


Professionals Help:-

Price is always going to be the factor in how fast your house sells. You have to strike a balance between your need to get the house sold in X amount of days vs. what you realistically expect to get out of it. Hire a good realtor to market the heck out of your home and help you set a correct price. Hire a Professional photographer. The largest disparity was seen among homes priced from $400,000 and $499,999, with those with DSLR photography selling 64% of the time, compared to 46% for homes with amateur photos.

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Buyer’s Market & Seller’s Market – What Does It Mean?

This is good to know for agents, buyers, sellers, and investors. And anyone else who breathes air.

As a Realtor who’s been practicing for nearly ten years, I have probably heard it a thousand times: “Oh, well, we’re in a buyer’s market” or “We’re in a seller’s market.”

So which one is correct? Well, both. Let me explain.

The real estate market is very LOCAL. How local? Extremely. You have to take it further than trying to evaluate the market on a state level, on a city level, even on a neighborhood or subdivision level.

So what makes a seller’s market? This is when the supply of homes is low, and the demand for homes is above-average. It’s actually defined as being when we go for six months having less than a six month supply of homes. A buyer’s market is when the supply of homes is high, and the demand is low. So why does that matter? It’s basic supply/demand theory. You have a lot of people selling homes, but only a couple of people who want to buy, so the many sellers are generally motivated to negotiate more to attract those couple of buyers, since they want/need to sell.

Okay, now for an example of just how close you have to look at the specific area in which you want to buy, in order to determine what kind of market it is. I live in the New Orleans Metro area, and it’s generally a seller’s market here. However, because of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act, there has been the potential for enormous flood insurance rate hikes. That’s caused many people to stop buying in areas that are in high-risk flood zones (anything other than flood zones C, B, or X) because they don’t want to get hit with enormous rate hikes later this year. In one neighborhood, the number of homes for sale peaked at 58, a record high. That subdivision is in a buyer’s market, while subdivisions nearby that are not in a flood zone, are generally experiencing a seller’s market.

Let’s keep going and zoom in just a little closer. There’s one subdivision I’m aware of that has some of the most expensive homes in the city. It’s generally a buyer’s market, because there just aren’t that many people who can afford that much house right now. HOWEVER, there is on street in there that happens to be the main boulevard, where homes rarely come up for sale. When one does, it’s snatched up almost immediately. So the rest of the subdivision can be in something of a buyer’s market, while the main street has it’s own little seller’s market happening. Must be nice for those folks! The same thing might be seen in subdivisions where one street is on the lake or other, similar situations. In the same breath, it’s important to note that you might see a buyer’s market on a street where it’s the only street that backs up to soccer fields, or a highway, etc.

So what’s the point of all this? Take the news reports on the national real estate market with a grain of salt. It’s sort of like saying, “It’s sunny in the U.S. today.” Well, sure, in Detroit it’s sunny, but in New Orleans, it’s raining. Look closely when buying or renting. Have your agent closely examine the comparable sales and determine if there’s anything that may affect the local market where you’re buying one way or the other, and act accordingly.

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How to Sell Your House Fast: 20 Steps (with Pictures)

It’s a challenging market for home sellers right now. Buyers have a lot of options—and they don’t have to buy what you’re selling. Your house is likely just one located in a sea of for-sale signs, so you can’t be sloppy about putting it on the market.

Luckily, I’ve rounded up the ideas that will help you collect enough showings by prospective buyers for your home listed in the market.

Here are 20 thing you can do to help sell your house fast.

Good Price:-

Home price factor

#1.  Price is always going to be the #1 factor in how fast your house sells. You have to strike a balance between your need to get the house sold in X amount of days vs. what you realistically expect to get out of it.

Professionals Help:-


realtor help home selling fast

Source: oviedorealestateblog.com

#2. Hire a good realtor to market the heck out of your home and help you set a correct price.

#3. Hire a Professional photographer. The largest disparity was seen among homes priced from $400,000 and $499,999, with those with DSLR photography selling 64% of the time, compared to 46% for homes with amateur photos.


Home Staging Factor:-home staging factor

#4.Get as much stuff out of your house as you can. Declutter, declutter, declutter. If this means renting a storage unit, so be it.

declutter your home to sell fast

     #5.  Paring down the amount of furniture in your rooms.

#6.Let the light in as much as you can to brighten up the space.

brighten home help it selling more quickly

#7.Clean out closets so that they look practically empty.

Clean out closets

#8. Regarding the dogs and cats, You need to deal with the animal smell. I know you don’t smell it. It’s there. Get a professionally cleaning company to come in a clean everything thoroughly. Since you are used to living with your pets, have a friend who you know will be honest to come into your home and say if there are lingering smells (there may be, there was for me, and I only have two dogs). I don’t smell the baby poop and cat box at my house either.

living with your pets

#9.Consider replacing carpets, if this is the case or get your carpets professionally cleaned.

professional carpet cleaning

#10.Consider painting rooms that need some freshening, or may be an odd color. The biggest thing is paint any rooms a very standard color if it isn’t already. Like a light tan or light gray something everyone can at least deal with.

renovate before selling home

#11. One of the easiest things to do is, get fresh, new, white, fluffy towels, new shower curtains and bath mats for your bathrooms.

Newly Shower Curtain


#12. Don’t use the towels and bath mats. Just trot them out every time your house is going to be shown.

do'nt use towel & Mat

#13. Have nothing out on bathroom or kitchen counters. Nothing! Clean out fridge completely. I’m sure I could think of more.

Clean Out the Freezer

#14. Take breakfast table out of the living room. It highlights the smallness of the space and the lack of a true breakfast area. Dining table with formal setting could be nice to help them see how it looks.

dinning table

#15. Get rid of the firepit completely if it takes up too much walking space.


#16. Drop a few drops of vanilla oil onto every door hing where it meets just before a showing. This will make the house smell great and every time a door is opened or closed it releases more smell.

#17. Make the house look like a show house you see on TV and you will be just fine as long as you listen to your agent on the price and 1are flexible with offers.

home look like

#18. If you have exterior landscaping, fresh black bark really improves that initial curb appeal, and it’s cheap.

traditional landscape

Be Wise Yourself:

#19. Don’t take the very first offer that comes to your door. I would say always counter offer even just a little unless they are giving you everything you want and paying 100% of everything without asking anything of you. Hardly ever happens though 🙂

 #20. Let your neighbors choose their neighbors. Invite them to your open house – turn it into a block party. Share link of your listing with them via social media.

My advice is hire an agent to market your home quick, negotiate a better offer for you, and just give it a better overall shot at being purchased. Plus a good agent will help you with staging.

source: https://firstyellow.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/quick-tips-help-selling-your-home-fast/


About author: Jeff Hylands is a real estate investor, have been buying homes or distressed properties cash around Phoenix, AZ for last 25 years. He resell  purchased homes after fixing up repairs and staging to prospective buyers. His website is open for homeowners looking to sell homes fast in Phoenix for cash.


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Reblogged: 7 Things to Consider While Buying Home First Time

Homebuyers going to buy their very first home can find this major stress simply because of the novelty and the complication of the home buying process but keeping these handy tips in mind will help you know what you need in order to make right financial decision.

1. Outer Appearance: Make sure the house is not painted in flat paint. If you try to clean the walls the paint will smear in ugly patches. Don’t even try magic erasers

2. Furniture & Fixtures: When looking at new home pay attention to the door knobs. These (and other things like it) will tell you about the quality that’s been invested into the house. A house-flipper is not interested in quality. They’re interested in the appearance of quality.

3. Functional Plumbing: Check carefully all of the faucets and drains. As a cash home buyer in Arizona, I bought a house, the prior owner who got foreclosed on had poured quick-set cement into the drains. The house had a slab foundation, I had to pay for all new plumbing and it as quite expensive.

Check everything and check it with an independent inspector you’ve hired (If any).

4. Mechanical System: Furnace, AC, roofs, windows and sliding last a long time but are expensive to replace. If any of these are older than 15 years old make sure you have enough savings to cover them for when they fail.

5.Contamination: Water is your enemy. Leaky roofs, plumbing and windows may need to be repaired immediately. The problem becomes more expensive every day you delay.

The general rule of thumb regarding home care is that you’ll spend about 2% of the value of the house every year in maintenance, so if you have a $500k house budget about $10k/yr in quick fixes & repair. This amount can be saved if you’re handy and can do some work by your own or with the help of friends.

Don’t buy any tools unless you have a project that requires them, otherwise you’ll end up sitting on a bunch of stuff you don’t have a use for.

6. Electrical Integrity of the House: The electrical safety of your house is the most important thing you should consider once you’ve found the house you want. Think about what 90% of house fires stem from. How old is the breaker panel and the wiring,also, is it a grounded house?

7. Last But Not Least: Talk to the neighbors. They might have some dirt on the house you are about to (flood damage, involvement in illegal activities, etc). You might also find out if there are people adjacent that you really don’t want to live next to.

Try to avoid homes located on busy streets, or near rental property. Have a professional inspection done as part of your offer to purchase. Do not buy a home on a corner lot because of less privacy, more traffic, more berm to mow and more sidewalk to shovel in the winter.

If you want get free home valuation in any city or suburb in Arizona, just fill out the online no obligation Home Evaluation Form


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Reblogged: How to Determine If You Should Remodel or Move?

Many times homeowners realize the home they are living in need a change for many reasons: Some have growing families, others need a home office and lots of having problem with home’s plumbing and electrical work. Almost of them are debating within their own heads or even aloud with other family members: should we move or remodeling to the current home ?

We have created an homeowners infographic to help you make this financial decision wisely.
remodel or move

Source:- http://www.cashforyourhomeaz.com/how-to-determine-if-you-should-remodel-or-move/

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