Sell Your Home Easily And Quickly With Quick Home Sale Companies

There are many different circumstances that could lead to you wishing to sell your house like your boss gave you transfer letter which means now you have to shift to another city or your family size has been increased or there is an increase of crime rate in your area or you have saved enough money for your dream house to be build. Now how to sell house in an easy and hassle free way. What are the ways?

What are quick home sale companies?image.axd

Quick house sale companies either buy your house or find you a third party buyer. They pay cash for your property. They guarantee to sell or buy your house in the limited period of time.

Advantages of Quick House Sale Companies

  • No more wait- Quick house sale companies are able to sell a home within a time frame that you desire. Therefore you not have to wait for when your house will be sold as they sell your home fast.need your home sold fast


  • Fast cash- As quickly as they buy or sell your house, they give you money on the spot. So, if you need money in emergency quick house sale companies are best for you.


  • NO more viewings of your house – Now you don’t have to call people for viewing your house and you don’t have to hang ‘FOR SALE’ sign in your yard as you just have to call quick sale company agent and they will buy or sell your house quickly.


  • Sell your home as it is- Now you not have to spend more money to make your home look attractive for sale as quick home sale companies buy your home as it is.


  • Save your money- You don’t need to consult with any property advisor and pay to him sky high commissions as there is very less or no fees of quick house sale company agent.


  • Cooperates with you- Quick home sale companies will help you if you want a confidential transaction not published in MLS (Multiple listing service).

                               Selling house is not an easy task. You have to get in contact with a number of real estate agents ( RJ Palano), choose the right from them, give them fees and then wait when your house will be sold but with quick house companies it’s easy as they guarantees.

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[Reblogged] Smelly Pets Can be a Deal Breaker While Your House is On the Market.

You might even be surprised to know that owning a pet can significantly reduce your home’s value while it’s up for sale on the market. Actually having pets doesn’t lower the value of your home as long as the dog isn’t distracting, the unit shows well, is neat, clean, clutter free, no unpleasant pet odors there in the house. Wondering how pets can affect your home sale? Read full article here by We buy houses phoenix company.

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How to Sell Your House Fast: 20 Steps (with Pictures)

It’s a challenging market for home sellers right now. Buyers have a lot of options—and they don’t have to buy what you’re selling. Your house is likely just one located in a sea of for-sale signs, so you can’t be sloppy about putting it on the market.

Luckily, I’ve rounded up the ideas that will help you collect enough showings by prospective buyers for your home listed in the market.

Here are 20 thing you can do to help sell your house fast.

Good Price:-

Home price factor

#1.  Price is always going to be the #1 factor in how fast your house sells. You have to strike a balance between your need to get the house sold in X amount of days vs. what you realistically expect to get out of it.

Professionals Help:-


realtor help home selling fast


#2. Hire a good realtor to market the heck out of your home and help you set a correct price.

#3. Hire a Professional photographer. The largest disparity was seen among homes priced from $400,000 and $499,999, with those with DSLR photography selling 64% of the time, compared to 46% for homes with amateur photos.


Home Staging Factor:-home staging factor

#4.Get as much stuff out of your house as you can. Declutter, declutter, declutter. If this means renting a storage unit, so be it.

declutter your home to sell fast

     #5.  Paring down the amount of furniture in your rooms.

#6.Let the light in as much as you can to brighten up the space.

brighten home help it selling more quickly

#7.Clean out closets so that they look practically empty.

Clean out closets

#8. Regarding the dogs and cats, You need to deal with the animal smell. I know you don’t smell it. It’s there. Get a professionally cleaning company to come in a clean everything thoroughly. Since you are used to living with your pets, have a friend who you know will be honest to come into your home and say if there are lingering smells (there may be, there was for me, and I only have two dogs). I don’t smell the baby poop and cat box at my house either.

living with your pets

#9.Consider replacing carpets, if this is the case or get your carpets professionally cleaned.

professional carpet cleaning

#10.Consider painting rooms that need some freshening, or may be an odd color. The biggest thing is paint any rooms a very standard color if it isn’t already. Like a light tan or light gray something everyone can at least deal with.

renovate before selling home

#11. One of the easiest things to do is, get fresh, new, white, fluffy towels, new shower curtains and bath mats for your bathrooms.

Newly Shower Curtain


#12. Don’t use the towels and bath mats. Just trot them out every time your house is going to be shown.

do'nt use towel & Mat

#13. Have nothing out on bathroom or kitchen counters. Nothing! Clean out fridge completely. I’m sure I could think of more.

Clean Out the Freezer

#14. Take breakfast table out of the living room. It highlights the smallness of the space and the lack of a true breakfast area. Dining table with formal setting could be nice to help them see how it looks.

dinning table

#15. Get rid of the firepit completely if it takes up too much walking space.


#16. Drop a few drops of vanilla oil onto every door hing where it meets just before a showing. This will make the house smell great and every time a door is opened or closed it releases more smell.

#17. Make the house look like a show house you see on TV and you will be just fine as long as you listen to your agent on the price and 1are flexible with offers.

home look like

#18. If you have exterior landscaping, fresh black bark really improves that initial curb appeal, and it’s cheap.

traditional landscape

Be Wise Yourself:

#19. Don’t take the very first offer that comes to your door. I would say always counter offer even just a little unless they are giving you everything you want and paying 100% of everything without asking anything of you. Hardly ever happens though 🙂

 #20. Let your neighbors choose their neighbors. Invite them to your open house – turn it into a block party. Share link of your listing with them via social media.

My advice is hire an agent to market your home quick, negotiate a better offer for you, and just give it a better overall shot at being purchased. Plus a good agent will help you with staging.



About author: Jeff Hylands is a real estate investor, have been buying homes or distressed properties cash around Phoenix, AZ for last 25 years. He resell  purchased homes after fixing up repairs and staging to prospective buyers. His website is open for homeowners looking to sell homes fast in Phoenix for cash.


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Top 4 Reasons to Stage Your Home

reasons forstaging home

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Home Presentation – How it Helps Your Home Sell Fast?

You are all set to buy that perfect dress for yourself and you step out to your favorite mall. But which one do you pick. Obviously your first thoughts go to the dress on the show window which is so exquisitely presented in the most prim and proper manner. Well Sale of any store depends mainly on the presentation and how its clothes are presented. In fact the same goes for any kind of sale and presentation is all that matters. This holds truer when it comes to showcasing your house to prospective buyers.

Your presentation has to be just perfect. Here are a few simple points that one should keep in mind while presenting your house.

home garden presentationAs you get to know that somebody is planning to come and visit your house you should first and foremost keep your garden in the best manner. The grass should be well cut and the walkway should be well kept and clean. Little trimness in the garden should be maintained so that the perspective buyer is lured with a positive mind to have a look inside. This keeps the chances of the house higher for selling.


home copy

Now coming to the interiors of the house first and foremost keep it spic and span. This you can very easily do by keeping the things in the rooms at the proper place. For instance never leave the kitchen plates anywhere in the house, this can be a big turnoff to the house visitors.



House Presentation Nitty Gritties

Clean YOur HomeKeeping the house clean are the best and the most important thing when you are show casing your house. It is the most professional thing to do. To begin with you can do a little laundry of the upholstery just to make the sparkling touch.

By doing so, first and foremost it gives a good impression of not just the house but of the house owners as well.

This gives the prospective house owner the feel that house owners are right kind of people and doing the deal with them would not be a wrong preposition.

A cordial behavior while showing the house could further add to it. Added to this a nice room diffuser in the house could enhance the charm of the house.

plumbing work while home presentationThere can be many bigger things too that you can do in your house. Like getting some plumbing work done to avoid any embarrassing leakage and seepage. Some carpentry work to make your wood work just look awesome.


And to add icing on the cake if the budget permits you one could get a white wash done on your house. The ways and means could be many to make that impression; it all depends on your post sales investment and most importantly the right attitude and approach


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